A Walk Through Australia, Guided Wine Tasting

A Walk Through Australia, Guided Wine Tasting

It’s time to dig deeper than the bottom shelf at the grocery store and find out what Australia wine regions are all about. There’s more to Australian wine than Yellow Tail and Little Penguin.

What is Australia Known For?

As you might guess, Australia’s main vineyard produce is Shiraz followed by Chardonnay. The two varieties make up 44% of the total wine production. What the production totals don’t say is that Australia is trying to diversify. Many of the Chardonnay and Shiraz plantings are being ripped out in favor of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

The Wine Tasting will be guided by our good friend, Rory McMahon from Authentic Wine Selections. Rory will be selecting 5 examples of Australian hand-crafted wines to taste for the evening. Join Us!

"Wine is the pearl in the oyster of the grape." -Charles A. Nardone

$40 General
$35 Wine Club Members
Includes 5 tastes, cheese bar, tasting notes and lively conversation!
For tickets and table reservations please call (619) 294-9200 or visit The Wine Lover

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