The Pacific Northwest, A Guided Wine Tasting

The Pacific Northwest, A Guided Wine Tasting

Washington and Oregon round out the West Coast of the United States more than just geographically.  They are amazing wine producing states, each in their own right.  What sets them apart from many other New World wine producing areas is their ability to straddle the stylistic fence.

Oregon and Washington both benefit from the warm stable weather of the West Coast.  It is this warm weather that results in the lively ripe fruit of New World wines.  However, their more northerly latitude gives them the benefit of cool nights to retain the refreshing acidity that Old World wines are more known for.

The Wine Tasting will be guided by our good friend, Kyle Knox, winemaker, pro surfer, and wine slinger extraordinaire!

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou. --Omar Khayyam

$35 General
$30 Wine Club Members
Includes 5 tastes, cheese bar, tasting notes and lively conversation!
For tickets and table reservations please call (619) 294-9200 or visit The Wine Lover

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