Host your next event at The Wine Lover

Host your next event at The Wine Lover

Take advantage of the Concierge Sommelier and knowledgeable staff at The Wine Lover and host your next Special Event with us.

Our indoor bar area accommodates up to 20 people and our outside patio and sidewalk seating areas accommodate up to 30. Our setup is great for personable interaction between your guests.

Consult with our in-house Concierge Sommelier to define the needs of your event, whether it be a mixer, celebration or reception; we can suggest a beverage menu as well as the accompanying appetizers/food to match your expected spending budget.

You can bring a DJ or live music.

Please contact us at 619.294.9200, we will get all of your details and generate a per guest cost according our assessment of your needs.

The Wine Lover is the perfect place for your next event, we can host:
• Commitment Ceremonies
• Receptions
• Special/Private Tasting Parties
• Mixers
• Fundraisers
• Product Launches
• Business Launches

Serves: 8-10 people.
Includes: Wine, Literature, Concierge Sommelier.
Location: At The Wine Lover premises.