Featured Wine at The Wine Lover, 2015 Stolpman Grenache Blend, "La Cuadrilla"

Featured Wine at The Wine Lover, 2015 Stolpman Grenache Blend, "La Cuadrilla"

"LA CUADRILLA" - A wine with some History!

Ruben Solorzano , vineyard manager, started a training program in which he gave one Cuadra - a small vineyard block - to his team so they would take responsibility for their land.  Each crew member became the farmer rather than just the worker.  A few years later, once the crew had independently mastered vineyard management, Ruben revealed his grand experiment to Mr. Stolpman.  Thrilled, Tom declared that all of the wine made from the crew’s training Cuadra would be given to the team members for their own consumption.  Having the self-titled wine at the dinner table served as both a source of pride and a chance to appreciate the fruits of their labor.

2015 "La Cuadrilla" Stolpman Grenache Blend, is one of the crew’s most serious efforts to date.  The vintage’s low yields grant concentration and depth to the cuvee.  La Cuadrilla isn’t a power house, but instead, shows piercing red fruit flavors.  

The Cuadrilla blend begins with the wine from the crew’s training block as its base.  In 2015, Ruben allotted a block of old vine Grenache for the crew.  We then blend other lots of the vineyard, starting with the juiciest, most approachable Syrah barrels.  To play into the red fruit profile of the wine, we decided to add a touch of Sangiovese to the final blend.  

2015 La Cuadrilla bursts with red fruit backed with subtle spice and tannin.  Finely balanced, the wine rewards the palate with both pure pleasure and sophistication.  A nice earthy-mineral note provides a check to the scrumptiously accessible front palate.

2015 Stolpman Grenache Blend, "La Cuadrilla"
Stolpman Vineyards, Santa Barbara, CA • USA
11 Glass • 44 Bottle

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