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A Sommelier's Blog - Drink what you eat!

"Wine gives courage and makes man more apt for passion"
Ovid - Ancient Roman classical Poet and Author 43 B.C.

Grapes du Jour:
Monastrell [mawn-nahs-TRRELL] After Garnacha Tinta (GRENACHE) this grape is Spain's second most widely planted red variety.

The Jumilla region of Spain offers the best style of this great grape. Grown in altitude, very good for grapes, This wine offers a deep crimson color with blackfruit notes, spice and black pepper. Medium to full-bodied wine that goes with anything grilled or put over fire. Aged cheese's, chorizo, jamon are perfect with Monastrell. 

also known as Mourvedre' in France and California.

2009 Bodega Tarima - Jumilla, Spain  88 wlp  $20.00
2006 Altos del Cuadrado - Jumilla, Spain 86wlp  $20.00

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A Sommelier's Blog - Drink Good Wine!

"Wine is bottled poetry"
Robert Louis Stevenson

Grape du Jour:
Garganega [gahr-gah-NEH-gah]
Prolific white-wine grape that is the principal variety used in Italy's SOAVE wines. Widely planted in Italy's VENETO region where it's been established for several centuries.
Also known as Gargana and Lizzana.

A beautiful wine that is soft and generous, the wine has white peach, honeydew melon notes with a great mineral finish. This the perfect risotto wine, also great with lightly dressed salads.

Recommended Soave's:
2009 Inama Vin Soave Classico - Verona, Italy
2009 Anselmi "San Vincenzo - Veneto, Italy

Here is the recipe for the pear and apple salad I prepared at The Hillcrest Farmers Market last Sunday.